Setting up an offshore bank account must be one of first things to do to be able to receive salary. Using your local retail bank account while you are abroad is hugely expensive and impractical (high international transfer and foreign exchange fees, card fees abroad, no international support, cards sent only to home address, etc). If you do have account already, you might consider changing your bank for the better offering.

116910-matte-blue-and-white-square-icon-business-creditcard2Whist having an International account is essential, without assistance setting up an International account can be time consuming and frustrating, as well as there is a high chance of account decline due to incorrect form completion or certification. That’s where we can help.

We have a number of International Accounts for you to choose from, all of which offer the flexibility of multiple currencies, cards, cheaper fees and international support. Some banks also offer flexibility with regards to supporting documents like accepting captains letters and certification.

Here at How2Yacht we take on the application process for you leaving you with the minimal amount of work to do yourself, so that you can concentrate on the more important task of settling into your new job or continue to focus on your existing one.

International Personal banking include:

  • International current accounts in multiple currencies
  • Debit and credit cards in multiple currencies, cost efficient!
  • 24/7 phone bank and Internet bank
  • Free international payments (Selected banks)
  • Additional benefits like travel insurance, airport lounge passes and other
  • Savings accounts and fixed term deposits
  • Structured deposits/notes
  • International financial advice on investments

We are providing the following FREE consulting service with regards to opening of bank accounts

  • ANALYSIS: Assessment of our clients backgrounds, requirements and preferences.
  • OFFER CHOICE OF BANKS: Provide the choice of the appropriate banking providers including their business profiles and charging structures. Consulting on the features, benefits, fees
  • APPLICATION ASSISTANCE: Completing application forms together with a client to save time and ensure all done correctly first time. Liaising with the client and the service provider to ensure all required documents are in order and certified correctly.
  • MONITORING:  Monitoring the on boarding process until the new business is accepted and complete.
  • TRIAGE: Case review to identify any other client needs and facilitate solutions where applicable.

Our relationships are not with banks as institutions. We select and work with best individuals representing particular banks who we have great relationship with and who are looking after our clients as their own.

In addition, we will set up account for you with foreign exchange broker to allow you to save on your foreign exchange transfers up to 2%!

We do not provide any financial advice as we are Independent Introductory Organisation. We are not a bank, certified financial or investment adviser, securities dealer or broker.


Fill in the form here and we shall take care of the rest.