Project Description

Bespoke Events & Turn Key Solutions

“If you think you done everything, ask us what we can do “

With this service we are collaborating with outstanding professionals, who have over 15 years of experience with celebrities including film productions, special events organisation, international film festival image consulting, talent sourcing, TV shows, concerts, junkets, magazines & press, charity events and commercials.

What exactly is Event Management?

Event Management is the creation, design planning and managing of any type of event.

 There seems to be a misconception that to be an event manger means that you can get a DJ, lay on some drinks with perhaps a few balloons and you have yourself a party, well yes you do but anyone can do this and if this is what you want, fantastic and we hope you have a great time…but it is not what we do.

If however, you want the most amazing event that people talk about for all the right reasons, that is created from your brief as a client and evolves into a seamless and stress less process culminating in an event that is exactly what YOU wanted,. On that is run smoothly and with a smile, and comes in within your budget then we are the people to come to.

Not only that but we have such a passion for what we do that our enthusiasm is catching.

One of our service providers was founded over 20 years ago in London and has since operated in Paris and now in the Cote d’Azur. Based on a desire for creativity and matched with excellent organisational skills, events they have created include the launch of the VW Passat and then later VW  Beetle in London, store launches in Central London  along with top advertising agency summer and Christmas parties, weddings, press launches,Gala dinners treasure hunts around Paris and everything in between.

The process is simple yet detailed and our high standards ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything. We will organise every little detail, from the bridal favours to the laser shows, the music to the celebrities.

In fact we are always on the lookout for  trends for the coming year and what entertainment and design factors we can bring to the party (pun intended !)

The trend for 2017 seems to be a desire by guests for a more experiential event.  Guests will want to become more involved in the events with social media updates, interactive wristbands, VR and technology etc  There is, however always a place for the more retro event so don’t be fooled that this is for everyone.

We like working with people and making it fun so if you would like to meet us then please do get in touch and let’s create an event to remember.

Services we can provide:

  • Turn key bespoke event production of any complexity, any scale, anywhere with anyone.
  • Image consulting
  • Sourcing international ‘A’ list celebrities for special private or public events, TV shows, commercials, publications or films. 
  • Sourcing and delivery of unique and rare luxury items including jewellery, watches, cars and yachts.
  • Custom requests of any complexity.
  • Special deals with 4 Seasons hotels (special price, events, booking the whole floor if needed) and Disneyland Paris Park & Resort (possible privatization of park and hotels)
  • Sourcing pearls directly from the world biggest producer as well as diamonds
  • Sourcing rare art pieces, specialising on pop/modern/classic art and provide authentication by highly qualified professional for better price than auction houses.
  • Any Luxury car and motorbike rental/purchase with delivery anywhere + helicopters
  • Private jet charter, organise pickup and delivery – speciality of sourcing from Lichtenstein or Luxembourg due to proximity to most locations.
  • Off market property in Europe in prime locations as well as USA, including those not for sale to rent or buy
  • Organising security for the event or intelligence of any sort using SAS crew, to protect and remove all electronics, check crew and place, top and discreet security, can be dressed as guests. Mobile signals can be blocked.
  • Sourcing VIP tickets for exclusive events including Cannes, Oscars and big sports events + organising your logistics
  • Award winning suppliers of Flowers, Lighting, Catering
  • Rare wines supply and wine tasting with world champion sommelier done anywhere
  • World class designers to do design an interior of your house or yacht like Tom Ford, Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gauthier, John Galliano, etc
  • Organise appearance at right events and right place and get invited to right places and events with outmost confidentiality so that no one knows, or in the way that your appearance will be published in press like front page in Hello.
  • Delivery of the right journalists/press to make your event covered everywhere in the press if needed
  • Direct relationship with world best designers to organise dresses for your event – Christian Lacroix, Vera Vang, Valentino, etc
  • Delivery of Celebrity hair and makeup artists to do your hair and make up for the event.

Some of the Case Studies:

  • Sourced Cirque de Soleil acts for private event with 2 weeks notice
  • Sourced and delivered celebrity Michelin star Chefs for a private party, turn key organisation of the event
  • Organised delivery of A list performers and celebrities for private and public events (Incld D Guetta, Pamela Anderson, Boy George, Prince, Beyoncé and many others), Boy George, Claude Chales (Buddha bar), etc
  • Organised word class DJ on various yachts including David Guetta
  • Organised parties with access to private off market villas and penthouses, bring Michelin star chef and food + sourced A-list performers when needed
  • Delivered rare watches collection to UHNW with successful sale of more than 40 pieces at once
  • Organised Zinedine Zidane to play with clients kid on his birthday. 2 weeks notice. 
  • Sourced Pamela Anderson to appear from the cake during the party on board of the superyacht
  • Sourced celebrity Chef for a private dinner – with any food client wanted
  • Organised 800 people dinner in a middle of desert for 3 days with Liza Minnelli singing including 1st class seats for her docs during the flight as well as sourced special piano Forte (only 2 in Europe) for the event. Organised logistics, planes, limos, guest delivery, food, accommodation, etc.
  • Sourced Neymar for personal meeting
  • Organised Dinner with special request for all to be in gold- all delivered as well as sourced David Guetta and Lenny Kravitz to perform. 
  • Organised party on a superyacht with another yacht used as logistics and supply
  • Sourced Mariah Carey to be flown in to the birthday party to sing “happy birthday”…
  • Organised Mask party in Versailles. Sourced costumes with correct sizes from opera house. Mask in Venice Italy during Carnival, wedding in Lago Di Como Italy with floating dance floor. Birthday party with Lisa Minelli on a boat in Paris.