Project Description

Together with our trusted partners who are market leaders in provision of Maritime security we offer an unrivalled choice of security services, tailored to your specific requirements, to mitigate the risks to people, property and reputation posed by piracy and maritime crime.

With over 20 years of service to maritime clients, and extensive experience in Gulf of Aden, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Guinea regions,  our trusted providers fully understand the risk to vessel, cargo, Master and crew in the marine environment.  We offer an unrivalled choice of security services, tailored to your specific requirements, to mitigate the risks to people, property and reputation posed by piracy and maritime crime.


Our partners provide global Security Assessments, Plans, Drills Exercises and Audits to ensure your staff and facilities are safeguarded against various threats. Their worldwide network of offices and assessors are well placed to be onsite quickly and efficiently to mitigate the vulnerability of your assets in the marine environment, onshore and offshore.

The training of all personnel is also a requirement of the ISPS / MTSA regulations and all employees need to be aware of basic security considerations, not only for their personal safety but that of others on the vessel or within the facility. We can provide ISPS related training services that meet or exceed IMO guidelines and where applicable are approved by DNV/MARAD or the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency.


Our partners work together with our clients to supply customised, cost effective risk management solutions to reduce risk exposure, including the following services:

  • Security audits and risk assessments
  • Development of business or project security plans
  • Development of Emergency Response Plans
  • Journey and travel management planning
  • Pre travel advice and training
  • Executive protection services


Our partners provide clients with information and intelligence to protect their assets, which can form the basis for customised risk management solutions, including:

  • Comprehensive reviews of existing security
  • Country / region threat and risk assessments prepared by highly experienced intelligence officers in our 24/7 Assistance Centre
  • Security Reviews: Site specific / in country reviews to identify, audit and evaluate physical and operational security risk
  • Pre-travel advice and security awareness training


Offering a true 24/7/365 response and security advice centre, the service is an invaluable aid for a quick response to urgent security questions and situations, up to date information, port and route threat assessments and more. Used by over 16 million tonnes of international shipping, this service ensures total peace of mind for CSOs in charge of fleets of yachts as well as some of the largest commercial shipping fleets in the world.

The MAC is manned  24/7/365 by a team of maritime security professionals and dedicated intelligence officers. The centre offers:

  • Comprehensive port and route threat assessments
  • Regional and site specific risk/threat assessment
  • E-mail security alerts to CSOs and vessel Masters
  • Approved Ship Security Alert Systems monitoring
  • Web based vessel and asset tracking
  • Emergency liaison and support


Our providers training is carefully assessed against our clients’ and security operatives’ needs. They deliver a wide range of national and international maritime and land security courses, in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) and the US Department for Homeland Security Maritime Transportation and Security Act (MTSA).

Their courses comply with IMO guidelines and are also approved (where applicable) by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the US Department of Transportation for Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the UK’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA).

Highly experienced Instructors, familiar with the global maritime regulatory environment, deliver International maritime courses. A key feature is our ability to design and deliver maritime courses to each client’s requirements both on and offshore. Our partners utilise both a theoretical and practical approach to training, with supporting course materials available in foreign language versions.

Fully compliant with flag and international requirements, certified to ISO 28007 and backed by comprehensive insurance our providers focus on the provision of exemplary, yet cost effective solutions including :

  • Highly experienced Maritime Security Officers for on board or in port security
  • Maritime Security Escort Vessels
  • Vessel or Facility Security Advisors
  • Security Assessments
  • ISPS and related International Regulatory Compliance programs
  • Security Training for company staff and crew
  • SSAS Management and Monitoring
  • Vessel Tracking and  24/7 support through our  Maritime Assistance Centre

The maritime environments greatest asset is its people;  How2Security is well placed to mitigate the risks to personnel as well as manage the safe passage of vessel and cargo through high-risk areas.