Why You Need One:

1. It is one of the most secure methods of handling financial transactionscc_perso_preferred

With prepaid cards, even if the card is loaded at the time of theft, the assumption is that it only has funds enough for a particular transaction, which markedly reduces the amounts likely to be siphoned off by fraudsters. In addition to these advantages, debit cards are not actually linked to bank accounts-whoever lands the piece can only use whatever balance is in there, but will not have access to banked funds as opposed to if they were using other forms of plastic money.

2. A Prepaid card protects you from overspending

Most prepaid cards can only hold a specific amount of money in the specific accounts for a particular frame of time. For example, if all you can load up is $5000 in a week, the implication is that you cannot spend amounts above what you have loaded up. Once your account goes down to zero, you will not be able to use the card until the limitation period ends. Choices like credit cards are better than cash, but will still tempt you to overspend as long as the funds are available.

3. Convenient method for making payments to international staffers

You can use a debit card for pretty much everything nowadays.

4. Debit cards are cost effective

Note that most of the time, there is generally no fee required for you to make a purchase using your prepaid debit card.

5. It saves you from the risks associated with carrying credit cards

There are plenty of transactions that would harm your credit standing if you used regular credit or debit cards , but would not showcase a negative return if handled by the use of prepaid personal or corporate debit cards.

6. Easy application

Obtaining Prepaid card is much easier than opening of bank account. All you need to provide is a scan of your passport and proof of residential address.

How2Yacht recently completed a market study of over 50 providers to bring you the very best on offer:

  • The cards are available in EUR, USD and GBP
  • Monthly fee just 1EURNo purchase fee, EUR2.25 cash from ATM, no hidden fees
  • High limits: load up to EUR5000 per day, no limit for lifetime loads, ATM up to EUR2000 withdrawal per day
  • Immediate access to funds via ATMs or point of sale
  • Can be delivered to any address by post or for additional charge of EUR70 by courier
  • Easy and fast approval
  • No requirement for credit checks or bank accounts
  • Card is not linked to the bank account
  • Access to card online portal and mobile application to monitor transactions

Please Contact Us For Card fees & Card Limits

With the added bonus of a Cardholder Online Portal & Mobile App. 

How 2 Apply?

  • Contact us using this FORM HERE
  • Scan of your passport
  • Scan of proof of residential address (bank statement, utility bill or, in absence of these, driving licence or letter from the Captain confirming employment and address, example can be provided)
  • Let us know card delivery address and method (post 7-14 days or courier 4-5 days for additional charge)
  • Pay the special discounted application fee of EUR150.00

How 2 Receive money on the card?

  • On receipt of the card register on the online portal
  • Choose option ‘Add money’ and choose country where you will pay from or you will be paid from.
  • You will get the account details and your unique reference number.
  • When you pay to the card or get paid, ensure your unique reference number is quoted in payment details for the bank.
  • Card will be funded 2-3 days after the transfer and you will receive e-mail notification.

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