We are an international independent Shoreside Support consultancy dedicated to all things YACHT and CREW. From Management and Banking to Accounting and Provisions, we have you covered.

With a selection of the industries top professionals,  we have built a service specifically designed to serve the needs of yacht professionals. With an extensive range of  solutions aimed at genuinely adding value and make things easier for all involved within the Superyacht industry.

Our team has a combined 30 years of experience in the superyacht industry and financial services. We are supported by industries top professionals who are consulting us on the needs and requirements of the industry.

Our Mission

Is very simple; We aim to revolutionise the way yachts are managed, the way crew members are looked after and ultimately improve the way guests experience their yachts.



We are all about Empowering Self-Management, and no one beats us at it.

We strongly believe that there is no one better suited to manage yachts than the Captains themselves. Empowering Captain’s with as much autonomy as possible makes best use of the mastery of their role which has developed over many years spent at sea. With all the tools, experience and the team in our disposal, we make it easy for the owners and Captains to manage their yachts.


We don’t stop at yacht operations either. We concern ourselves with the wellbeing of CREWS.

We know the challenges they face and could therefore we have built a range of packaged solutions which genuinely add value. Making things easier for them while involved with the Superyacht industry. Our aim is to help Superyacht crews in making informed choices on which is the best service provider or product for their particular needs

How2Yacht Logo Financial Services

To help you with management of your financial affairs we have established our own team of Financial Advisers who are working under How2Yacht Financial Services/BFMI name. Our advisers and underlying investment firm have been around for more than 30 years providing financial advice, have offices in various countries, are highly regulated, have very good reputation and qualified financial advisors with extensive experience in assisting superyacht industry professionals.

The financial advisers trading under How2Yacht Financial Services/BFMI are members of Nexus Global (IFA Network). Nexus Global is a division of Blacktower Financial Management (International) Limited (BFMI). All approved individual members of Nexus Global are Appointed Representatives of BFMI. BFMI is licenced and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (FSC) and bound by the rules under licence number FSC00805B. Read full disclaimer here



Gibraltar Fair Trading Act 2015 – Business Licence #BL160469

Gibraltar Port Authority – Port Operators Licence #121- Yacht Concierge Services Operator

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